What is your idea of the simplest card game? It seems to us that it should be a trivial comparison of opponents’ cards. In other words, the banker shuffles the deck and deals one open card to each participant in the game. Whoever gets the higher card wins. If the cards are equal in strength, a tie or a replay is declared.

Do you think this game will not be popular? Well, no way. Among the fans of gambling there are many fans of the most simple entertainment. That’s why software producers for online casinos periodically release games designed in a spirit of minimalism.

Play online Top Card Trumps

Top Card Trumps is a simple online card game that uses six standard fifty-two-sheet decks without jokers. A card shuffle is mandatory before each hand. You can play Top Card Trumps for one, two or three boxes. Each of them takes a bet in the range of one to one hundred dollars.

The goal of playing Top Card Trumps is to get a stronger card on the box than the dealer has. If the user succeeds, their bet is paid at a 1:1 ratio. The lowest card in Top Card Trumps is a deuce and the highest is an ace. The suits of cards do not differ by seniority.

If the player receives a card of the same value as the dealer, he has to make one of two decisions: to discard the card and lose half a bet or stay in the game by making an additional bet of the same size. If he prefers the second option, the dealer deals him a new card, then draws three cards “darkly” and deals himself an open card.

After that, the new cards are compared. The client wins if his card is equal to or higher than the dealer’s card. In this case, his first bet is simply returned, and the second is paid 1:1. If the dealer wins, the casino takes both of the player’s bets.

Card Trumps by Betsoft

In Top Card Trumps, it is possible to bet on the draw (for each of the boxes) before the cards are dealt. It is located on a special arc-shaped field in front of the box on which it is played. If this hand turns out to be a card of the same value as the dealer’s card, the player will receive a payout at a ratio of 10:1. Although the additional bet plays independently of the main bet and can be of any size within the allowed face value, it cannot be placed without the main bet. We have no data on the theoretical return of the card game Top Card Trumps.

How do I play Top Card Trumps? (Interface)

The game Top Card Trumps is run in flash mode, so you do not have to download it. Although the interface is not translated into Russian, to understand the purpose of the buttons on the control panel will not be particularly difficult. If you have any difficulties, please use our tips:

  • Deal – distribute cards on the boxes
  • Clear – remove chips from the field
  • Repeat – repeat bets from the last deal
  • Fold – discard cards on the board (with the loss of half of your bet)
  • War – to continue a game (by betting more)
  • Help – open help section
  • Sound On/Off – to turn on/off sound
  • Bet – bet amount for the deal
  • Bal – number of available money on the account

Settings allow you to choose the speed of distribution and mute the sound. The bet size is determined by choosing the chips of the desired denomination and clicking on the box on the table layout. Top Card Trumps has a detailed help section. On the gaming table there is a table with the betting ranges.

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