Craps basic information about the game

Craps is a very old game and its origins may refer several centuries back in the past when street craps rules were used as the base for the game. Today, craps online is treated to be very popular and valuable among players and street craps rules are used as the foundation, whereas complex table layout is nothing but different options for betting with variable payouts. Just like in roulette, majority of players prefer to bet on chances by opting for making either “Pass the line” bet or “Don’t pass the line” bet. However, there are 22 different betting options available.

Rules of how to play craps

Craps is a game which h is based on the outcome of the shooting dice combination. Players simply identify who is going to be a shooting dice or a shooter. A shooter makes the bet and the other players in clockwise direction may cover a part of or the whole bet until shooter’s wager is matched.

  • Players may make their bets on any of 22 different sections of the table;
  • The majority of players will simply opt for “Pass the line” bet or “Don’t pass the line” bet;
  • The come out roll comes next and the game may come to an end and the combination of dice will be 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12. These who bet in favor of a shooter will win if 7 or 11 appear. Incase if 2,3, or 12 appear then the shooter and these who were on his side lose immediately;
  • If any number apart from those that are mentioned above appear, it will be designated as a point number;
  • In craps, shooter rolls the casino dice The target is to roll out the point number and not to get 7. If seven appears shooter loses;
  • The dice will be rolled until either point number or seven appears and players bets are depended purely on this result;
  • All the bets will have to be made before dice is rolled;

Players may also wonder what other betting options are available. Well it can be presented as follows:

  1. Pass Line
  2. Don’t Pass
  3. Come
  4. Don’t Come
  5. Pass Line Odds
  6. Don’t Pass Odds
  7. Come Odds
  8. Don’t Come Odds
  9. Place Win
  10. Place Lose
  11. Buy
  12. Lay
  13. Big 6
  14. Big 8
  15. Hardways
  16. Field
  17. Any 7
  18. Any 11
  19. Any Craps
  20. Ace Deuce
  21. Aces
  22. Boxcar

Every craps in casino bets has different probability and payout, the odds of getting other bets than “Pass the line” or “Don’t pass the line” are based on pure math probability hence it all has to be approached wisely.

How to win craps?

In order to win craps, every player has to understand well what the objective is as well as consider the estimates of how long the game is going to last for. Based on this the following tricks may be used:

  • What bankroll a person is ready and prepared to devote
  • Preset the goal and make the estimates of the targets that are needed to be reached
  • Decide whether short–term strategies are applicable
  • Analyze whether a playing session will last for a long with the view for making large profits
  • Think wisely if it is worth of moving to the dark side and start to bet against the shooter
  • Consider wisely whether to stay with the shooter and the other players because this is the most common one

In craps, players have to learn how to play dice and take chances. If two the most common options are used then it may be possible to implement Labouchere doubling strategy. It is when bets are doubled in the case of a loss to recover that loss and to make profits. It may be possible to wait for e sequence of turns to see what appears and then make the bet on chances with greater confidence.

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