Craps game: how to master dice?

Who said that gambling diversity ends with classic card games and almost identical slots? Meet authentic casino oldie but goldie – craps game and its best! Featuring six sided destiny dice, craps greatly captivate playful intentions with their out-of-this-world fortune and highly probable win potential. That’s why every player who tries the game can’t help but keep waiting for cubes to roll. Want to feel endless excitement while anticipating 7 and 11 cipher majesty? Let’s jump in!

Find your craps variation

Being the most favorite casino frolics, craps game has an impressive variety of craps types to choose. At first sight, craps differs in a radical way, but, actually, all versions are about thrilling betting on 2-12 outcomes. Just one numerable prophecy and a choice of awkwardly called and difficult-to-calculate wagers are all it takes to get pure pleasure.

Craps game types

Because of unique advantages, each of craps games is a catching blend of zen and energy. Explore them!

  • New York craps. It doesn’t have come/don’t come bets. Promising values are 4-7, 9, 10. Don’t get confused about a double end dealer table: for stickman and lookman. To be allowed to enter a NY game at any casino, you should agree on 5% house edge.
  • Crapless craps. Can you imagine craps with absence of “don’t pass” bet? It’s real! Crapless craps doesn’t let anyone lose on 2, 3 and 12. At the same time, having got 11, you won’t become a winner at once, all you need is 7. Nevertheless, if you want to cash awards out, get ready for more than 5% commission.
  • Simplified craps. So simplified that you don’t need to write down overcomplicated betting rules anymore. If dice roll on 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 12 total – you’re welcome to grab cash. On the contrary, 5-9 values mean a total loss. What about casino edge, it is quite higher than other craps variants have – 2,8%.

As you might know, timeless craps has many variations to play! But craps game preferences are not enough to become a real craps casino king: you need helpful hacks.

Craps: the compass to win

As far as the craps game has taken gambling houses all over the world literally by storm, it is obvious that new players do their best to take the most out of a craps table. However, don’t burden yourself with search of non-existing mathematically proved strategies: craps has nothing similar to unchanging simple-to-figure-out poker. While playing it, your intuition comes to unravel next cards, dice scores don’t depend on previous deals. Although rolls are unpredictable, there are some strong hints to bring you head-turning prizes and almost constant success.

  1. In order not to get lost at a huge craps table, learn betting options beforehand. They encounter more than 11 variants.
  2. Placing bets with minimal house edge, you will definitely show how to play dice like a pro in the long term craps game challenges.
  3. Pay attention to the most probable combinations: 5-9 scores frequently appear during a game. The greatest value is 7 – as usual, there is approximately 17% possibility to get this number.
  4. Look for extra bonuses – comps. They are gifted on any occasion: as prizes if you win, encouragement if you lose and free coins if your deposits are great enough.
  5. Control your gameplay. Don’t think that Lady Luck will be on your side forever.

Honestly, no one knows what values you will receive in the next craps game moment; therefore, get lucrative craps strategy orientation out of your mind and enjoy fun time. Fantastic cubiform adventures are waiting!

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